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We understand that hiring someone into a senior level post may require a different approach to the typical recruitment model. Brand Recruitment have been instrumental with the appointment of senior posts across the UK in the marketing, creative, communications and digital space. Along with access to an unrivalled network developed over almost 20 years, our clients also benefit from our unique and focussed way of working. For more information on this service please contact us.

Executive Search for Marketing, Digital, Communications and Creative Leaders

Successfully recruiting for senior roles demands an approach that is distinct from that used for more junior positions. In order to attract, assess and engage with candidates for key leadership roles within your organisation, we advise adopting a slightly different set of goals, milestones and selection techniques.

From our wealth of experience in the marketing executive search field, we have fine-tuned our pre-engagement assessment. During this stage, we will interrogate the brief for the position you are recruiting for, along with the wider organisational context and team. Recruiting for senior leadership roles requires us – and you – to take into account more than just the role itself. Our talent-mapping and salary benchmarking services are invaluable in assuring your campaign is effectively targeted.

Our ‘no-nonsense’ approach means that as well as looking into pull factors and ‘green lights’ that will support and aid your executive search campaign, we will also flag up any potential roadblocks that may present challenges to a smooth recruitment process. If we feel that you are effectively trying to make a square peg fit a round hole, we will tell you so – and may politely decline working on the role. However, we also pride ourselves on finding those elusive needles in the haystack, so will not shy away from tougher briefs – in fact we thrive on the challenge they present!

If you are considering hiring at a senior level in your marketing, PR. communications, creative or digital team please contact us to see how you can benefit from our uniquely refreshing and effective approach to marketing executive search.

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